Engineering Camera LSA001

LSA001 Engineering Model

The Engineering Camera LSA001 is a compact spacecraft camera. Images and videos can be captured by command or automatically triggered. The files are stored in the camera’s non volatile storage to facilitate later download. Unlike alternative commercial cameras, the LSA001 uses low outgassing materials and a custom lens to ensure vacuum compatibility.

The camera is powered from 5V and will typically remain in a low power state, only enabling the sensor when required to capture. Supporting software and source code examples are provided to allow quick integration with spacecraft OBC.


  • ˆ 5MP Resolution
  • ˆ 120° horizontal FOV
  • ˆ RS422 or 3.3V UART interface
  • ˆ Internal storage
  • ˆ Power on and interval triggers
  • ˆ Still photos and video recording


Supply Voltage 4.5-5.5V
Resolution 2592x1944
Shutter type Rolling
Baudrate 115.2k to 1M
Dimensions 34x34x20mm

Pricing and lead time on request

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